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The end of a marriage is usually an intensely emotional and trying time in your life and the lives of your children.  Your assets and debts must be divided and your incomes will be stretched as they adjust to support separate households.  Your children's lives are suddenly uprooted and their sanctuary is compromised.  Additionally, their emotional state is unhinged from the constant bickering and struggle for control test their loyalties.

At Family Law Services, ALC we understand the delicate issues involved in the breakup of your marriage and recognize that going through a dissolution/divorce is usually an emotional undertaking.  Our law firm is committed to providing you with experience and knowledge while compassionately counseling you about your rights and keeping your well-being at heart.

The areas of our practice include:

Dissolution of Marriage / Divorce

Legal Separation

Military Divorce

Division of Assets and Debts

Spousal Support / Alimony

Child Support / Custody

Modification of Existing Orders

Prenuptial / Premarital Agreements

We Support your Objective.  It is essential that your attorney understands and supports your objectives.  At Family Law Support we support your goals unconditionally and will provide you with the skill and experience required to obtain the results you desire.  Whether your dissolution/divorce is contested or uncontested, or requires mediation or litigation, we support your objectives and will provide you with the experience and the knowledgeable legal counsel you require.

Types of Dissolution/Divorce Proceedings.  

Your dissolution/divorce can be achieved through several different processes.  The approach that you choose will have a direct effect as to the duration, complexity, and usually the cost of your dissolution. Unfortunately the simplest and least expensive options are not always viable choices.  Often, compromise is not on the table for your consideration.  Further, it may be in your best interest to spend the additional money now for your dissolution with an experienced and skillful attorney to achieve a more desirable result for the long haul.  After all, your dissolution is not a temporary situation and your future should not be compromised for a short term fix.

These processes include:

Uncontested Dissolution/Divorce

Negotiated Settlement

Litigation or Contested Dissolution/Divorce

The simplest and least expensive method of dissolution is the Uncontested Dissolution/Divorce.  An Uncontested Dissolution/Divorce occurs when both spouses are able to agree on the terms or dissolution, or the marriage community has no children, assets or debts available for division.  In the case of an uncontested divorce, our office will prepare a Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA) in accordance with your agreement and file it in the appropriate court.  Your dissolution may be completed and your marriage terminated six months following the filing of the Petition.

The most common method of dissolution is the Mediated or Negotiated Settlement. Through mediation or a negotiated settlement all issues regarding Child Custody, Support, and Division of Assets and Debts will be agreed upon amicably outside of court and we will prepare and file a Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA) in accordance with your agreement.

Litigated or Contested Dissolution/Divorce.  Sometimes settlement is not a possibility and the matter must be brought to court for resolution of the issues of child custody, support, and the division of assets and debts.  Litigated divorces are extremely emotional and complex and each decision or finding by the judge or commissioner may have a monumental impact on your future and that of your children's.  It is imperative in the case of a litigated or contested dissolution/divorce for you to have an experienced and skillful attorney to develop and execute a strategic game plan to ensure a successful resolution.

To learn more call us today.  Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce is never simple.  We are Divorce Lawyer in Van Nuys, Divorce Lawyer in Los Angeles and will work with your through the process and protect your rights and ensure a successful resolution of all matters.  

If you wish to obtain a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), you need an attorney who is well versed in the fine nuances of family law.

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