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Almost without exception child custody and visitation rights are the most highly contested issues in every divorce settlement.  In most cases the stress caused from the divorce proceeding is overwhelming, but when you have children and they are involved in a custody dispute the experience can be downright terrifying.  It is natural for both parents to want to remain involved in their children's lives and the thought of losing your child is enough to send most people into a panic.  If child custody and visitation rights will be an important issue of your marriage settlement be certain you have a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney who will fight to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

Family Law Support, ALC, and attorney Paul D. Spear are recognized in Van Nuys and the greater Los Angeles area for our integrity and sensible approach to resolving complicated child custody disputes.  We are familiar with every possible issue and know the important questions to ask to reach a creative resolution to the most complex custody issues.

Mediation as an Alternative (ADR)

Ideally parents would come to a mutual agreement about parenting arrangements and child custody, but this just isn't the case.  Spouses often enter into a divorce proceeding with hostility and clenched fists regarding parenting time and custody. The courts encourage the attorneys to resolve the issues among themselves to avoid a trial and reduce court involvement.  

Mediation is a method of alternative. dispute resolution (ADR) in which a mediator facilitates open discussions regarding the children's needs and the parents' concerns. The mediator helps the parties arrange an agreement that both parties sign off on and the judge must approve.  We are proven, experienced mediators who put a focus on efficient, effective results that can save you thousands of dollars in needless court and attorney fees.

Factors Family Law Courts Consider.

In California all decisions regarding child custody are based on what is in the best interests of the child.  If the parties are unable to agree on a custody arrangement, mediation (ADR) will be scheduled.  Mediation is a useful tool for the Courts and often results in a custody arrangement, but not always.  In the event the parties cannot agree, a trial is required before the final order is entered.

The court will consider several factors when it decides who will have primary physical custody of the children.  A key factor the court considers is which parent is more likely to allow frequent and continuing visitation with the other parent.  Our firm will work with you to arrange a parenting plan that will allow the parents and the children to adjust to the divorce and two separate households.  We also recommend the parties employ counseling for themselves and the children.

At Family Law Support we are dedicated to assisting you with every step of the child custody process, including Child Custody in Chatsworth, and Visitation Schedule in Van Nuys.  We approach our cases with intensity and respect, and we recognize our responsibility not only to our clients, but also to promote and protect the best interests of children.

If your marriage dissolution includes child custody issues, contact the our Child Custody Attorney in Van Nuys, Family Law Support and attorney Paul D. Spear of the San Fernando Valley in Van Nuys today.  

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